Rejuvenate Your Home by Cleaning and Sealing the Tiles

Rejuvenate Your Home by Cleaning and Sealing the Tiles


In this modern era, tiles have become the most valued elements in flooring for many homes. They not only look beautiful but add an aesthetic value to a house. To maintain the value of your tiles, clean and seal them regularly. But not just routine cleaning, use of specified and appropriate chemicals is advisable. Do not use chemicals for cleaning your tiled floor without guidance from an expert.

Dirt adheres easily to the surface of the ceramic tile, especially with a textured surface. And sweeping does not remove the dirt. The vacuum cleaner can be used for sweeping, but make sure that you use the vacuum cleaner without a nozzle so as not to dull or scratch the tiles. Vacuum cleaner nozzles are great for sucking dirt, especially around the edges or between tiles.

For textured tiles, a special soft brush or electric polisher may be required. The fact is that a hard-textured surface is easy to damage, so you can not use brushes with metal nozzles. After cleaning your floor with any of the detergent advised by a specialist, you must thoroughly rinse using warm water to completely remove the residues.

Cleaning chemicals that can be purchased at your local supermarket can be used to remove scale, hard water and mildew stains. Ensure that sure you properly read instructions and follow them while cleaning using chemicals.

What can and cannot be done?

It is advisable to remove any spilt liquid as quickly as possible using the best cleaning agent.

It is advisable not to use steel wool, powders or abrasive materials that might damage your floor by scratching it.

Remember that although ceramic tiles are very durable, they are not destructible and can crack or crumble under the influence of excessive force.

Use those cleaners that will not discolour your floor surface like bleaching agents.


Sealing the Tiles

After installation of tiles, sealing the mortar and tile can protect against dirt and liquids, slowing down the staining process. Put in mind that, non-epoxy joints have to be treated with silicone sealant.

There are many types of tiles, and all of them requires thorough and special care. There are detergents for deep cleaning and bleaching tiles of all kinds, as well as other types of surfaces resistant to water (marble, plastic containers, furniture and wooden surfaces, aluminium and stainless steel surfaces, leather and plastic upholstery, etc.).

You will find cleaning and sealing products from reputable manufacturers. Ceramic granite obtained from the slip is a material characterized by high hardness and resistance to chemicals. The material is resistant to mechanical stress, tolerates temperature extremes and is resistant to moisture, which allows it to be used universally for both interior and exterior decoration. Cleaning chemicals, when used correctly and continuously, will make your surface more durable.

Cleaning and Sealing the Tiles

In short, cleaning and sealing of the floor are very imperative. It not only makes the place durable but also adds beauty to that place. You have to entrust the cleaning and sealing process to the professionals.

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